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Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting all data from every interaction, every customer makes with a company from all access points whether they are phone, mail, Web, or field. The company can then use this data for specific business purposes, marketing, service, support or sales while concentrating on a customer centric approach rather than a product centric. Customer relationship management defines methodologies, strategies, software, and other web-based capabilities that help an enterprise organize and manage customer relationships. Customer relationship management applications are front-end tools designed to facilitate the capture, consolidation, analysis, and enterprise-wide dissemination of data from existing and potential customers. This process occurs throughout the marketing, sales, and service stages, with the objective of better understanding one’s customers and anticipating their interest in an enterprise’s products or services. 

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Moda Sektörü İçin Ürün Yaşam Döngüsü Yönetimi

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Fashion is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of this industry in order to help fashion goods (including apparel, footwear, accessory and home fashion) manufacturers and retailers to achieve more efficient product development, lower cost, and better collaboration and control throughout the whole supply chain.

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Yetenek Yönetimi

Talent Management (TM) encompasses all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees from the point of hire to the point of retire. This talent management model includes functionality for recruitment and staffing management, personnel management, career development, succession planning, learning management, performance and compensation Management, and workforce management and planning.

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Kurumsal İçerik Yönetimi (ECM)

A content management system is a software package designed to manage an organization''s entire collection of documents, records, and other information assets. Content management systems are built on a central repository, which holds all content, metadata, rules, and supporting information. Around this, processes and disciplines are established that ensure that day-to-day activities run smoothly and efficiently.

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Yazılım Test Araçları

Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gathering requirements to supporting the live system. Some vendors concentrate on a single part of that life cycle. The software test tools knowledge base provides functional criteria you might expect from a testing tool, the infrastructure that supports the tool, and an idea of the market position of the vendor.

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Tiger Enterprise, kurum içi süreçleri takip edip sonuçları detaylı bir şekilde analiz edebilen, orta ve büyük ölçekli kuruluşlar için geliştirilmiş bir ERP yazılım çözümüdür.

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Sağlık Hizmetleri Sektörü İçin Elektronik Medikal Kayıtlar (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) assists physicians and other clinicians document patient care for current visits and provides access to patient clinical history. Sometimes may be referred to as computerized patient records (CPR).

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Login Software - Şirkete Genel Bakış

1989’da kurulan Login Software, Türkiye’de bulunan uluslararası ve yerel firmalara enformasyon yönetimi sistemlerine yönelik uzmanlaşmış çözümler sunmaktadır. Login talep edilen mevcut standartları karşılayan gelişmiş ve özel çözümler sağlamakta uzmandır.

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İş Zekası (BI)

Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications are decision support tools that enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications provide users with valuable insights into key operating information to quickly identify business problems and opportunities. Users are able to access and leverage vast amounts of information to analyze relationships and understand trends that, ultimately, support business decisions. These tools prevent the potential loss of knowledge within the enterprise that results from massive information accumulation that is not readily accessible or in a usable form. It is an umbrella term that ties together other closely related data disciplines including data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, and decision support.

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Satış Sistemleri

Merchandising systems are the enterprise back and front-office software solutions upon which the majority of retailers rely to manage and support their daily tasks. These systems typically record product performance, which allows buyers to purchase merchandise according to that information and to make accurate merchandise decisions. Moreover, retail systems have capabilities for tracking inventory, capturing sales data, and managing retail prices.

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